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Resolving Italian Estate Matters  -  Questioni ereditarie


Italian legal Language Services

Italian Legal Language Services is an international company offering assistance to individuals and their attorneys on Italian estate matters (le successioni), real property research and investigations. With client approval we can also obtain Italian bank statements and assist on general administrative matters such property taxes and expropriations. Call us for a free 15 minute consultation.

Italian Procura

Property Research

Land and real property records in Italy today have been digitized. Present and deceased title holders can be quickly uncovered. Descendents residing outside of Italy may be able to claim family property.

Italy law firm

Expert Consultation

Use the brief Italian Inheritance Test below to gain rudimentary understanding of your eligibility. The test is not a definitive tool and does not attempt to encompass all aspects of international law.

Italian Wills

Inheritance Estate Filings

Upon the demise of anyone holding assets in Italy, an intestate declaration and filing guarantees the transfer of assets to the next of kin anywhere in the world. If there is a will, please contact a professional.

Simplified Italian Inheritance Eligibility Test

This short questionnaire consists of a maximum of seven questions.

Italian Inheritance Attorneys
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